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The concept of immediate loading has to be understood to know if you are a candidate for one if you are having a dental implant to replace missing teeth.
Under normal circumstances, when we place a dental implant in bone the human body goes through a cascade of events that result in bone to grow around the implant and hold it in place. This complex series of events from the time the implant is placed to the time it is ready to receive a tooth takes a period of at least six weeks. Newer implant surfaces have reduced this time to about three weeks.
In 1999  Dr.AminurRahman at that time a Professor in the department of Periodontology and Professor Lyndon Cooper currently the Chairman Department of Prosthodontics and other colleagues at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pioneered the concept of Immediate Loading. The research was done in which a dental implant was placed and immediately a tooth was placed on it instead of waiting for the six week healing period. Patients were instructed not to bite on the tooth for some time. The results were extremely promising with hardly any implants failing.

The result of this research was published in the prestigious international journal,The Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants in the United States. (References for those who would like to read them are as follows:

1.Prospective Evaluation of Immediately loaded Straumann Implants with Overdenture Prostheses.  Cooper, LA, Rahman A et al 1999. IJOMI 14.    

2. Cooper LA, Rahman A. et al.    An open, prospective, study to evaluate replacement of Single Tooth loss by rapidly loaded Straumann and Astra Tech dental Implants.  2001. IJOMI). 


Since these landmark publication dentists worldwide started placing implants and loading them immediately.
We at the Implant Center have thus a very long history of doing immediate dental implants with a sound scientific and researched background to support what we are doing. It is also important to distinguish between two types of Immediate Loadings. One in which the tooth is taken out and an implant placed immediately and a tooth put on it, the other is when a tooth has been taken out sometime previously and the area healed up, an implant can be placed and a tooth put on in the same visit or next day.
The question is are you a candidate for such a procedure?

Below is the information that you should know if you want to have it done.


Firstly, you have to understand that there is a slightly higher failure rate in immediate loaded dental implants. If you are a smoker and drink alcohol, your chances of failure will increase.
Next, we only do immediate loading in the front part of the mouth not in the back part, so if you are missing a front upper tooth we might suggest this procedure for you.
We do not do immediate loading in any infected sites. The tooth being replaced must not be infected at the time it is taken out, if it is then we wait for the infection to finish and then place an implant.
Understand that there is a slightly higher risk of implant failure when we immediately load the implant. If such an unfortunate incidence happens the implant is taken out and a new one placed. With our considerable experience over the past 30 years and the research that we have done we are confident of what we advise our patients. If we say not to do it, there is a reason behind it.

Please feel free to discuss if you are a candidate form immediate loading with our team at the Implant Center.
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