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Bone grafting has been done saftely in the Implant Center for over 30 years. The prime reason for this has been that we are using state of the art graft material from Switzerland out our patients own bone. It is important for you as a patient to understand what a bone graft is because more and more dentists put bone grafts in places where bone grafts are not needed, this is not only unnecessary but also unethical.

We at the Implant Center will only and only place a bone graft when it is absolutely necessary because our philosophy is that the human body has the capacity to repair itself. But the question is what is a bone graft? And why do we need it.

Many times a dentist will need to increase the amount of bone in a patient's jaw. Recent developments in bone grafting techniques have made implant treatment possible in cases that would have been impossible just a few years ago. If increasing the amount of available bone is required for your case, it might add to the cost of treatment, require more time, introduce additional procedures and add to the risks involved.

There is more than one bone grafting technique, but they can be grouped into two types.

The first, and most extensive type of bone grafting is always done as a separate surgery from the implant placement. This types of graft is intended to make large changes to the shape and size of the dental ridge so that a stable implant can be placed, usually several months later. These procedures are generally performed by specialists such as oral surgeons or periodontists.

In the second type of bone grafting, the jaw may already have enough bone to place the implant, but not enough bone to completely cover the sides of the implant. These types of grafts are generally small in size and are performed at the time of implant placement.

Questions that you will wish to ask about bone grafting are:


Will a bone graft be needed in my case?


Where does grafted bone come from?


Are all types of bone graft material equally effective?


Is bone grafting safe?

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