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The Implant Center is a natural progression of the vision of Dr Amin ur Rahman.

Rahman & Rahman Dental Surgeons opened its doors in Pakistan in 1986 and since then has been providing state of the art dental services to the people of Pakistan. Dental implants have been a core part of his work and was integrated with all other dental specialties in 1986. Dental implants have grown exponentially in demand over the previous few years in Pakistan and Dr. Rahman has been in the forefront of teaching the implant specialists in the country.

There are two main concerns we are connected with:

  • International Standards

    It was decided that the specialty of dental implants has now grown to such an extent that to provide internationally acceptable dental implants a dedicated facility with a dedicated team would be needed.

  • Dedicated Team Approach

    This is a totally different concept with the dental office set-up in that we will only cater to dental implants. The surgical aspects, the prosthodontics aspects, the laboratory aspects, post –implant procedures, continuing research and training, will all have different specialists focused on dental implants only. This will ultimately benefit our patients who will have a dedicated team looking after them and are well trained in all aspects of dental implants.

At it's simplest, setting standard's in patient care in Dentistry...


At Rahman and Rahman
At RAHMAN AND RAHMAN we aim to provide our patients with effective treatment solutions. Our treatment policies reflect our training from World-renowned dental institutions including Harvard University, University of North Carolina University at Chapel Hill, University of Michigan Ann Arbor. All our treatment facilities are state of the art. Each patients treatment include a consultation and a customized treatment plan to suit patient needs. We look forward to introducing you to a different kind of dental experience!
Dentistry in the 21st century has progressed by leaps and bounds. My team of dedicated dentists at Rahman & Rahman Dental Surgeons (R&R) have not only kept abreast of the latest changes in the field of dental care but are in the forefront of exciting new developments and research which will have far reaching consequences for the health of our patients.

Harvard’s training has shown me the way to do nothing less than the best and to teach others. You can be rest assured that when you walk into any of R&R dental clinics you will get state of the art care, with extremely competent professionals, a very welcoming environment, great people to interact with and the satisfaction that the safety standards set forth by the American Dental Association and the American Medical Association with regards to sterilization are met to the fullest. As an example not only do we have the latest autoclaves for sterilization but the machines are tested on a DAILY basis to make sure that each and every instrument being used is without question sterilized. This is my promise to you.

Under my guidance at Rahman & Rahman not only do we provide exceptional state of the art dental care in all aspects of dentistry but we are involved in research collaborating with leading universities of the world. As an example we are presently involved with the University of Michigan Ann Arbor USA, the Straumann Dental Implant Company, Basel Switzerland and the Allama Iqbal Medical College in Lahore looking at the affect of gum
diseases on diabetes.

Results of such research will go a long way in providing possible benefits to diabetic patients worldwide. We have in addition,carried out research and shown that gum diseases are risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and if you keep your gums healthy you will have a healthy heart. No other dental facility in Pakistan can make this claim.

We are the pioneers in the field of dental implants in Pakistan having continuously practicing implantology for over 25 years. Not only are we providing world recognized dental implants to our patients at a fraction of the cost but we at R&R are in the forefront of teaching local dentists in Pakistan how to perform these advanced procedures ultimately helping the patients getting optimum treatments.

We at R&R offer you the worlds best in dental care sitting right here in Pakistan. From dental implants, to orthodontics to root canals, fillings, crowns, children’s dentistry and all other specialties are available under one roof. Please feel free to visit one of our clinics and discuss various treatment options available to you.

My promise is the Harvard promise. No compromise on quality and an exceptional environment to get your dental care

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